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Born Again

Born again  is a must  to see the Kingdom of God. Many people today believe that they are born again because of their church teachings.  The truth is born again has been twisted into some twisted ideal under GRACE that you are forgiven all of your sins, and future sin when you asked Christ to be your savior and forgave all your sins. This is what MAN wants you to believe...... But God says it more work than just a prayer. 

Jesus said in John chapter 3 "you must be born again . So what is born again according to God?  You are truly born again when you are washed by the word and  reborn by the Holy Spirit. (John 3:5) These means proper seeking God in the Bible and being in touch  with the Holy Spirit, trusting him to make the word clear to you. You actually will be feeding the Holy Spirit what he needs to GROW. He grows into living spiritual water over flowing from within you.   (John 7:38)  

How do you know you are born again? You will have the mind of Christ, meaning you will think like Christ thought. This is because when the Holy Spirit is your teacher, he renews your mind and transforms you from the inside. You will really transform into a new creation in Christ You will truly live a life of peace beyond understanding, meaning a life with no worries, no fear of man and no hate for man. You will have a relationship with God almighty that is so real that you will know the presence  of the Lord by touch.  You will have evidence of many personal miracles that God will bless you with, because of your personal  relationship will God.  You will have heaven here on Earth. 

God has made it clear to me. When you are truly born again, you will live in the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. Then when you die, you will enter the spiritual Heaven to live forever.  If you do not live in the Kingdom  of Heaven here on Earth, you will not live in the spiritual Heaven ever. 

Narrow is the road to Heaven. Wide is the road to damnation.  Chose your path, get the book and become born again according to God

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