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God Stepped In Before

God  created man for himself. Since man has been on the earth he has screwed up several times and because God created man for himself, God stepped in. When Cain killed Able, God stepped in and judged Cain for his sin, and separating the wicked seed from the chosen seed found in Seth.  

When every thought of mankind was evil God stepped in and used Noah to build the ark to save life. Now what if Noah dismissed the voice of God and did not obey him? God would have found another to do his will, and Noah would have perished and we would have never heard of him. But as you know, Noah obeyed God and did his will, and now Noah is in heaven with God for eternity.  

God wanted a separate unique creation that he would bless the world with.  So He pick Abram and told him to follow Him to a land that God would give to his descendants. By faith Abram obeyed God in the end and became the father of many nations. Now if Abram said to himself, I will never leave my father's house. I am secure in my decision , I am just hearing voices in my head.  God would have chosen someone else, and we would not know Abraham the father of many nations who lives eternally in heaven with God.

God saw that we today are each living the Christian life our own way, and none of us are doing it right.  So God stepped in when a man was desperate to get out of his current situation. God saw a man who was afraid. He saw a man on his face between his knees in a jail cell. He saw his heart was truly surrendered to him. He delighted in this man, and chose him to bring the church back to him as the bride of Christ.  It started with deliverance from his situation. Then God began to do a mighty work in him transforming him into a mighty man of God and his faithful servant. I am his Servant.
 This is the final God step in before the return of Christ. Will Christ find true faith on the earth when he comes. God stepped in so he would.

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