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Heaven here on Earth

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the Earth. Before  man sinned and was removed from paradise, God said his creation was good. After man sinned God cursed the Earth with thorns and thistles, and man was condemned to live apart from God.  

When Christ was here on Earth, he talked about the Kingdom of Heaven. In the Lord's prayer  the main thing we are to ask for is God's kingdom to come, God's will be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven. There are several levels of Heaven. The bible even speaks about the Prince of the powers in the air, in reference to Satan. When Christ ascended into Heaven, he declared that he had all power in Heaven and on Earth.  This is because after he died for us and then rose from the dead to his glory, he conquered the power of Satan and death. 

Christ as Lord commands us to do certain things as his followers. These commands are clearly explained in the book God commanded me to write. These things are the way that will bring you to a life of peace beyond understanding, Heaven here on Earth.

The easy way to get the book it by going to the bottom of this page . At the bottom of the page is a link that will take you directly to where you can get the book for 14.99 plus shipping and handling. It will tell you the way to Heaven here on Earth, Heaven Awareness

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