Your Guide to Heaven here on Earth - Company Message

Jesus is Christ in you today.  The question for each of us is not what would Jesus do, but  am I doing what Jesus said . Jesus loves you and only gives you as much of him as you require. You want more Jesus, then do what he said.  The only way to heaven is by completely following Jesus. You follow Jesus today by doing his will in your life. What is Jesus will for your life?  You must do what he said to do to obtain eternal life.   You say you love Jesus because he saved you. Jesus says you are not saved because you have not done the first works to build a strong foundation for your spiritual life.  Without a strong spiritual foundation your Christian life will be full of doubts based on hoping you are doing what Christ wants you to do. By doing the first works, your spiritual life will be strong in faith and trust in God's word without doubt.  God Stepped In Ministries is here to teach spiritual truth based on God's word for word,  not opinion of what I want it to mean.  Jesus today loves you and wants all of you. He created us for himself. He is Lord of all of us.Do what he said. 

You say you love Jesus. Here is a test. Go to 1John and read every word straight through. He tells you how you can know you love God. Do you do his Commandments? If not then you don't love him.  He loves you, return his love.
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