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    Testimony of the Servant of the Lord
This testimony is true and is written that you may know that God has called his servant, Walter A. Carter to do his will concerning the Church and the second coming of Jesus the Christ. This ministry exist only to glorify God.
To God be the GLORY.
In the year 1987, I called on Jesus to be my Lord and Savior.  At that time I heard the leader of my group say, "The world has never seen what God would do with a man that was sold out to him." I said to myself, " I would like to be that man.  I must admit I had a few true surrender moments in my life.  For example when I went off to war in 1991, I called on God for protection, and was rewarded with peace beyond my understanding. During my war tour I was faithful to God and had very limited sin. I also received a vision that I have never forgotten. I saw a hollow shell of a man.  It was the man's choice as to what he would be filled with. Then God told me I would have a son, and that I was to teach him everything I knew.  
From that time after my war tour till 15 February 2007, I lived a life of hidden sin.  I was the biggest sinner that no one knew about. I had several secret sins, to name a few, fornication,of all sorts, super thief and chief liar.  I had my secret porn collection and when ever I wanted, I stole  whenever I wanted.  And even though I felt like a good Christian, deep down inside I was miserable. I would listen to Christian radio teachings and music. Then slowly I began to change.  I was not reading my bible, but I was concentrating on the word of God that I knew. And the most important thing I knew was, he loved me. I did not know why he loved me , but I new he loved me.
As my life moved on I got rid of all extra sexual activities. I destroyed my porn collection  and curved my tongue to tell the truth.  It was not easy. I even told the truth when I knew I would be in trouble. Which leads to that faithful day,15 February 2007. I found myself in a place my sin was bound it put me in. For 7 hours I called out to God, and asked if he would deliver me from my captivity, then I would do what ever he required of me. I would be his for life.
From the time I finished praying, till I was freed from my prison, I told the truth. I also received favor among my captures. I served my time and remained faithful to the promise. In March 2007. I went on a 3 day encounter retreat with my church, in which I earnestly prayed for God to deliver me from the desire to steal. He did. Then my Christian world began to cultivate into a life I never knew existed. God stepped in to my life like I never heard could be.  I began to hear from him early in the morning, but I would not pay him much attention.  He continued to visit me and I began to listen and comprehend what he was telling me.  I learned to do what soever he said to do.  Then  one morning in June 2008,  God asked me what was my prayer for my family, and I told him, and he said make a prayer list. Then he said who would I like to bless. I then made two list, the Carter Family prayer list and the Blessing list. I can remember asking God many questions, but he never answered me, he just told me what to do. I learned not t o question my master.
On 19 June 2008 at 2am I was awaken by God. For about an hour he disclosed to me his plan for the Church.  I then got up and went to my computer and wrote, as best as I could, what I had received.  The word in truth was this:  "God views the Church as the bride of Christ. God picked a bride for Christ from all the people in the world, but many are not fit to be received by his son.  It is my spiritual calling to fix the Church and prepare it for the coming King."  I must admit I was baffled.  I didn't know that anything was wrong with the Church.  On Sunday I told my pastor that God called me to fix the Church, and he said, "The church is not broken."  I walked away pondering what God could have meant.
Then began my learning about the Church via God's point of view.  I went on a few missions where I visited people of other faiths and also my own church during the week. To be totally honest, I had no clue as to why I was doing  what I did, but at those early morning meetings, God would tell me why I did what I did.  For example when I visited people of different faiths, he said ," There is no division in Christ. I said, "Okay, then how do we fix this?"  He said, " Write the book."  So I wrote the book.
Now I will confess, I know I am not a writer nor am I a reader of literature.  In fact I have only read one book though in my entire life, and it was not the Bible. I had many common known facts about Christianity, so to the best of my ability I started the book.  It turned out to be a bunch of mumble jumble that would not get a passing grade in English class.  Then I cried out to God, "I can't do this."
He said, "Write the book." I told him that I would be obedient and write the book. The book has been written and is waiting to be published. It will be published only by funds given to this ministry. The book is not written by me alone.
Through several hours of prayer, and by inspiration from the Holy Spirit, a perfect edited manuscript has been produced.  God said he would bless this book if I wrote it.  I know God can not lie. So I wait. The wait is over.  The book is published and is ready for purchase.
Now I know that this may be hard to believe, but I tell you truly, my life has changed in the last four years than it did in the first 20 years as a Christian. Here are three major miracles that happened in early 2009.  On 10 January 2009, I called my pastor on the phone and told him that on Sunday 11 January 2009, I wanted to stand in front of the congregation and declare that God called me to fix the Church. He said no. At that moment I heard words come out of my mouth that I would not have EVER dared to utter.  I spoke these words, "God has given me three spirits. Abraham for faith, David for praise and Elijah for courage. I swear to you before God, I did not know this until I heard me say it.
Next I was a home sleeping, when God came a said to me I had to tithe from my gross income. I was a faithful tither when I was rolling in the dough, but now green was lean and bill were not getting smaller.  Now I grossed $800  a week but after taxes and deductions I took home
$350 a week. What made me a believer in the gross tithe was this I heard what God said at home, but then on Sunday at chruch the pastor spoke about the proper gross tithe that was pleasing to God. I wanted to please God and the pastor affirmed God's spoken word to me. I gave of my gross without hesitation or grievance. 
The third miracle put me in a state of shock. I was at home sleeping like a baby, (Michael had just been born), and I heard loud and clear, YOU MUST BE CLEANSED. So immediately I got up and took a shower. Then I went to church and the pastor was preaching about what each of us need to do if we want to be used by God.  I must admit I was not paying him much attention until I heard him say" YOU MUST BE CLEANSED, if you are going to be used by God." I got excited, but due to unforeseen circumstances I could not talk to my pastor after service. So over night I pondered the miracle. Monday I hunted him down to find out how to get cleansed. I said, "Pastor,
I was at home and God said I must be cleansed, and yesterday at service you said if God was to use me, I must be cleansed. Please tell me what I need to do?"  He said, Get into the Bible and start reading it. I said okay and left.
Now God knows you better than you know yourself, because I know without a shadow of a doubt I was not going home to pick up a book and start reading it cover to cover. He did not change that part of me. But prior to me starting to read the bible, I had things happen in my life which brought a new way to read the Bible, which I was more than ready to try. The Bible on DVD.  I went  home, turned on the TV, and the DVD player and started at Gen.1:1.  So far I have read the Bible four times and now within my fifth time. And I must confess it is not boring and it is never the same.  The Holy Spirit has taught me to read it and also how to write the book.  As I learn more about God from the word, I find a nearness I never knew could be. I can testify to spiritual sensations that are not seen but physically felt. I have been in my church prayer room, sitting in a chair as still as possible, in complete darkness, and silence, when out of nothing I felt things and saw visions  that I cannot tell where they came from but God knows and at a later time he explains. It has gotten to the point I go weekly in to the room and walkout with either a clear vision of what my life state is or I might walk out pondering the things I experienced in the room. Believe me when I say " I can not explain how anything happened in the prayer room, but I know something happens when I give time to God and no one else."  I also believed every moment with God is between God and the person he encounters. He shows me things or he may touch me or do something I never expected. I have learned to trust him better than I trust myself.  He rarely tells me why he does something, so I have stopped asking.
Fasting is a very powerful spiritual thing to do. God has taught me to fast. So in honor to God, I fast 3 times a year for 21 days each time.  At the beginning of the year in January, in the 7th month of the year, July, and in the 11th month, November.  Each month represents Holy Days to God, and during those days I have seen some of the greatest movements and revelations in this ministry. I have grown to love God so much that I want to please him with my life. Because I know God cannot lie, I trust everything he has revealed to me.
I also want to testify about what God will do to see if you trust him. He will test you to see if you will trust him. After learning of the true nature of God for 3 years, I lost my job. I have been out of work for over a year now with no "real' job insight. I know God is my provider and my protector.  There are some things I have been without but God said I don't need them because he is all I need in those areas in my life.
It has been taught for years that Christianity is lived by faith in what we hope for, but it is certainly something we do not see.  Faith surely comes by hearing the word of God.  I testify to all who will believe that I don't see God, but I can feel him. I know by touch when he is near. I can feel him cleansing my heart with warm spiritual fire.  I can feel when the Holy Spirit within me overflows to my outer being.  I can pray for healing and be healed like I never had the pain.  I give God Almighty the glory and praise him for his many blessings he has given me. God wants all Christians to know what he will do if you get to know him.
My Testimony is true.  My passion is to teach all people who want to learn, how to fellowship with God.  How to please God with your life. Teach you how to replace the lust in your life with the hunger to have love that only God can give.  God will lovingly remove sin that you hide from others, because he loves you and can't be where sin is, so he cleanses you. When you get to know the true nature of God, you won't want to let sin make him fade away. He cannot be where sin is. May God bless all who read and believe this testimony with Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding. Amen 


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