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One People Under God

There are more people in the world today than ever before.  The truth is, God Almighty created every single one of us. He created us for himself. The only true difference of us all is our outer shell which is our hair and skin. On the inside, we are all the same. We all have bones and what the bible calls sinews, which is everything else but bones.  From God's point of view, we are one people under God. 

As one people under God, we are equal. We all equally have a chance to become who God created us to be in Christ. We all equally have a chance to be sentenced to eternity without Christ.  There are none better than another, and all will die and move on to eternity. God is righteous and none can escape his judgment.  

God loves his creation. He came and taught us what we should do then he died to secure the way to Heaven. The Church was in danger because man has taken the word of and twisted by taking it apart. Then making sermons around the verses into messages to please a man. God stepped in and wrote a book through me to correct the Church and return us to the one narrow true way to get to Heaven. The purpose of this ministry is to bring the church into one united body of the bride of Christ. This will be done when the first Truth Temple will be built to show the world how God says the people are to learn the word of God.

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