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The Problem with the Church

The Church has been divided for hundreds of years.  Paul talked about division in Christ in the book of 1Corinthians. He mentions that people are following those who baptized them, which was causing division in Christ. He stated there is no division in Christ. The church today is blind to its own division in Christ ,and now the world is suffering from what the church has become. 

Nothing happens in this world by chance. Even by deeply studying the Bible, you will find God tells you in his word that Biblical truth happen later in the Bible.  The truth is the Church is blind to allot of things God does in the world. God tells us in his word his ways. The Church does not see this because if it did the world would be totally different. 

I will now speak about a virus in the world today. People would like to think that this virus came from China. It might have originated in China but now it is worldwide. This is a virus that sits in your body
48 hours before you know you have it. If your children get the virus from school, they bring it home to the whole family. If you go out in public, you can pass this virus to others and you wouldn't know you gave it to them, and they won't know they have it. By the time you figure out you have the virus, you have spread it many others already. And the pattern continues. Until the government tells people to stay home, now people are separated. Like the church is separated.  

My name is Walter A. Carter and I am the Servant of God Almighty.  In June 2008 God came to me 2 am in the morning, and told me to write a book. He said that Christ did not have a bride here on Earth. I didn't understand that day what he meant. Today I know exactly what he was telling me. And today I know how to solve the problem of division in the church. The answers are in the book I was commanded to write. Image one church in the world with Christ as our High Priest and all of us living in Heaven Awareness. It begins with the Truth Temple.

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