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The Servants of God Almighty

God has chosen or called many men in history his servants. To name a few, Noah, Job, and Daniel are called servants of God in Ezekiel. God also considered Moses and David his servants. I see that those who serve God by faith and obedience are considered his servant in his eyes. Those who cultivate deep relationships with him become his servants here on Earth.

I was commanded by God Almighty to write a book, June 2008. Through  some of the strange and bizarre experiences of my life.  For example I sat in dark rooms, I lived in my van, I went to jail, where I found a book. I also learned to trust God to be my provider when I was allowed to live in a house with nothing in it. He gave me a refrigerator, a microwave, a chair, a king size bed, a stove, a large metal desk and several  televisions of varies sizes. It was amazing how he did it. I lost my job then exactly when unemployment money ran out I was removed from my home with no money and nowhere to go, except to live in my van.

I was lead by the Holy  Spirit to go into the prayer room and sit down in a chair, in the dark. The darker the better.  While I sat there, I would close my eyes and wait on God to show up. He showed up every time. One time I experienced the strangest thing, I was spiritually anointed by God. This is how it happened. I went in the room like normal , to spend time with God. I sat down and waited for him to show up. Without any warning, I felt something like oil being poured on my head. I got up and ran out of the prayer room. I ran to the bathroom and used it. While in the bathroom, I asked God , what was that? He said that he was anointing me with spiritual oil,and to get back into the room so he could finish. I went back in the prayer room and sat down in the chair. Again I felt the feeling of oil being poured on my head and running down my face.  Later I check my shirt for stains. There was not any stains,because it was spiritual oil.  I had been anointed by Almighty God as his servant.

I was writing my pastor a letter and I heard God Almighty say to me " sign  it the Servant of God Almighty" I stopped writing and I said huh? He said again "sign it the Servant of God Almighty" so I did. From that day on I have known who I am in Christ....... I am the servant of God Almighty, he calls me that. I do not dare walk in pride but humility.  I serve God Almighty with all my heart, body, mind, and soul.  He wrote the book through me , now he has made it clear to me, get the book out to my people and teach them to do it.

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