Your Guide to Heaven here on Earth - Company Message

The definition of vanity is doing something in vain. Truth is if you go to church for the wrong reason, then you go to church in vain. Vanity vanity all is vanity.  Now the truth is sometime hard to believe. The truth is the church is supposed to be a place to worship and pray to God,  The was never a place according to Christ , to learn about God.
The only thing to be taught in the church is the gospel.. But what is the gospel? According to Christ the gospel is he came to teach us the truth of what God wanted us to know. That is thet hings we need to do to get done in our lives to furfill th Lord's Prayer.

The Lord's Prayer ie not just something to say. It is the fundemental prayer for the bringing the Kingdom of God here on Earth.  The gospel is the way to heaven by the doing what Jesus taught.The  results we fulfill the Lord's Prayer in your life. Then you can go to church and worship God and glorify him by what he will be doing inyour life, which will edifiy th church. 

Then the chuch will be one here on Earth , Christ will be the High Priest he has always been, and we will recognize him for who he really is. And the chuch will growand, people will no longer fear death.

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