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Time is short and many false teachings are giving people a false sense of peace.  So you go to church and you believe you are saved. What is your salvation based on? Jesus did not teach his opinion of God's word, he only spoke the truth. His testimony before Pilot was he came to tell us the truth. Today's Church is based on doctrine based on the opinion of God's word, not spiritual truth. The proof is you have several churches teaching their own doctrine, which created division in the body of Christ. Christ is not the head of confusion. We have every one of us, gone our own way of believing we are right. No one is right, so God stepped in and created this ministry. This ministry is based on spiritual truth. The teachings here come from God himself via the Holy Spirit. The teachings here are solid and never change because nothing is added to it. The teachings here have a beginning and an end. Once you reach the end  you will have no doubt of who you are in Christ. You will have no doubt where you will spend eternity. You will have peace beyond understanding because you will live in the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. This is a real place here on Earth that is spiritual, possibly live in physically. God calls it Heaven Awareness.        

Here are a few questions and answers God Stepped In Ministries can make clear for all mankind.  Q. Why am were you born? A. You were created in your mother's womb by God to live a life here on earth in holy fellowship with God, your creator. Q. What happens when we die?  A. If you lived with God here on earth, you will live with him in Paradise. If you reject the spiritual truths of this ministry, you will earn the wrath of God and be sentenced to damnation forever.  Q. Is there really a devil? A. Yes and he hates you and has a master plan for your destruction here on earth.  
This ministry is from God, designed by God, with a servant; ordained by God. The servant only does that which God has told him to do. God has told him to prepare the Church for the return of Jesus Christ. He has taught him how to do this. This ministry will only speak spiritual truth. This is not a ministry based on opinion. This ministry is here to help all who want to live life as it was meant to be lived. The book is now being ready, so click to get the book. The book will inform you of everything you need to know to fulfill the will of God here on Earth. All information was given by God. Please fill out the Contact Us page. I will receive an email and will correspond with you via email.

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